"Welcome to our home!" Charles and Melissa extend their wishes for you to move freely around the website, investigating the metaphysical articles and links that can lead you to empowerment. There is plenty of information you will find useful in your quest for spiritual awareness.

Charles Leath, Transformational Reflexologist
Melissa Leath, Metaphysical/Spiritual Teacher and Life! Visionary

Charles Leath Reflexology with Charles is an indigenous energy worker and foot reflexologist. He is a huge energy waiting to be of help. He learned his talent from his ancestral grandparents, handed down from India and Africa.

Melissa Leath has a much gentler soul, but contains the ability to hold very strong and pure spirit energy. She is an author, visionary and intuitive spiritual medium. Her books are Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics and Orange Blossom Meditation, and her newest book Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Kids.

The Leath's strive to constantly bring empowering information to this website that will help you in your search for a quality lifestyle. Spiritual Growth is one of the most neglected areas of our world these days. So to be able to spend time searching and going 'within' your Higher Self can be liberating, sustaining and humbling at the same time. It can be just the thing you require to connect with your own intuitive or psychic abilities, or assist in restored energy or healing.


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