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You will find the totally public Mystic Salon Message Board! Carry on special conversations with those of like mind! Ask questions about psychic and paranormal events -- or find out what a medium is thinking about.-- Halls of Wisdom

Most popular articles include:
  • What's It Like to Be a Medium?"
    Several years ago, someone called to let us know the son of a family friend was lost. There had been a huge rainstorm that came through the area the day before. It was late spring and storms of that kind would often cause flooding... He never came home. No one knew for sure... [Click here to read the entire article]

  • The Psychology of Earthbound Spirits
    Earthbound spirits are disembodied spirits who have remained attached to the physical realm, after their physical bodies expired. Earthbound spirits have not moved on to the spirit world and are known as ghosts. They are lost souls. As a spirit normally moves into the spirit world... [Click here to read the entire article]

  • Why Can I See Sparkles?
    Many small children are seeing much more than we can. At least, they are willing to tell what they see, because it seems to natural to them. They believe that everyone can see these sparkles. [Click here to read the entire article]

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