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Table of Contents:


Chapter 1~~Basic Ethical Principles

What Are Ethics?
Ethical Statements
Attitude of Responsibility
Unethical Soliciting
Setting Guidelines
A Matter of Excellence
Mistrust in the Trade

Chapter 2~~Intuition, Psychics and Mediumship

What is Intuition?
What Is a Medical Intuitive?
What Does Being Psychic Mean?
What Is Mediumship?

Chapter 3~~How You Can Talk To Heaven (And How You Canít)

Understanding the Levels of Spirit
Chain of Command
The Fall
Opening Up

Chapter 4~~Creating Your Foundation

A Proper Approach
We All Are Searching
Illuminating Moments
What Is Your Focus?
Giving Up the Physical
You Are Already Spirit

Chapter 5~~The Workings of Vibration

Look at the Perfection
The Aura and Chakra System
Emotions and Auras
Changing the Energy Field
The Chakras
The Heart Bridge
Physical Disease from Emotionally Charged Issues
Closed Heart Energy

Chapter 6~~The Unfoldment Process

Sitting For Unfoldment
Levels of Awareness
Introduction to Your Inner Being
The Unfoldment Group Experience
Techniques on Developing Mediumship
Communication between the Two Worlds
True Spiritual Commitment
Go Slowly
Working with Your Guides
Astral Level: departed Loved Ones and Other Spirits
Receiving and Delivering from Spirit
Exercises to Help Unfoldment
Connection and Ego
Symbols-The Language of Spirit
Message Works
Preparing the Practice

Chapter 7~~Sensationalism and the Evolution of Spirit Communication

Seven Steps to Spiritual Evolution
The Door Opens
Material Awareness and Communication
Liberation and Love
Channeled Information and Responsibility
Full Circle Unfoldment and The Media

Chapter 8~~The Bottom Line

What You Should Expect in a Good Reading
Suggestions in Consulting a Psychic or Medium
Psychics Can Have a Bad Day
Determine if a Reader is Right for You
Being a Good Reader
Suggestions for Becoming a Reader of Integrity
What a Faked Reading Looks Like
Final Thoughts


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