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Sample Excerpt:

What It Takes to Be a Good Reader
(An excerpt from Chapter 8, The Bottom Line)

Over the years, I have taken the time to assess the manner in which I give readings. When appropriate, I adjust or make changes to the presentation. The areas I have listed below are common sense things I would appreciate, if I was getting a reading (or interaction with anyone for that matter).

  • Make Sure the Client is Open to the Information
    Set up a proper understanding with your spiritual guides and higher self for only appropriate information to come through. Advanced readers know intuitively how much information should be given to a client. All clients may not be at the same level of understanding in spiritual areas. Be aware to these differences in your presentation.
  • Use Your Own Style of Spiritual Connecting Prayer/Protection
    Before starting a reading, always go to your spiritual center and say a brief prayer asking for permission on a higher level and for all communication coming from the connection is truthful, forthright and accurate; and the interpretation is true. Intend the communication be for the highest good of the client and something important to the client be revealed in the session.
  • Correctly Give the Information You Receive
    There are appropriate ways of giving information you get from your guides. Do not try to change it or try to make it fit. It may be understood later. Present it in empowering ways, so the client can benefit from the information and not be fearful. If you sense a warning of some kind, also ask your source for follow through information to assist your client to a proper completion.
    ~ If you are receiving symbols, be sure to tell them the actual symbol, since it may mean something to them literally. But always include your interpretation of the symbol. (See Symbols in the Chapter “The Unfoldment Process”) Honor however he may interpret it. But it is given to you by the connection you have with your guide and it should be shared as your understanding of that symbol.
  • Understand How to Access the Highest Energies Possible
    In your training or studies, you learn how to connect with the most beneficial and finer vibrational energies possible. Bringing in a loved one from the other side is not enough. This is only mundane information and although reassuring to the client, it is only a small part of any good reading. Practice sending love out from your heart and see it reaching into other loving realms for the best information available.
    ~ If you get negative information or fear-based connections, this is not appropriate for your client. Work at raising your personal vibrations. Take an honest and hard look at who your guides are. Make changes if need be.
  • Discern the Spirit or Vibration
    By this time in your career (and after reading this guide), you should know what kind of vibrations you are working with. Sometimes entities disguise themselves to play pranks or adversely influence you. If you are in the least bit skeptical about your sources or do not feel comfortable with them, demand they leave you. Then do whatever you can to raise your vibrations.
  • Read With Love
    Always read from a place of love. This is where the foundation of your spiritual lifestyle is important.
    ~ If a client asks for a reading and you have just had a difficult time in your personal life, you will need to recognize whether it is appropriate for you to enter into a reading consultation. Or you may need to spend a certain amount of meditative time before the session to clear yourself. You want to always bring the best vibration to your clients.
  • Know When to Stop
    Some clients will be enraptured with the whole medium-oriented concept and want multiple readings too close together. Don’t let ego guide you. Information doesn’t change that rapidly. Suggest a longer distance between readings so you will be able to serve them properly.
  • Set the Tone of the Reading
    Know your worth, and be worthy of your knowing. But more than that, know when you read easily and how to space your sessions. Maybe you are fresher in the morning. Make that time for your appointments.
    ~ Know when the reading is complete and graciously end it. Some clients try to pull more information from you and actually rob you of energy. They may or may not be aware of doing it. But you should be aware of it ahead of time and know how to close your session and your energy field.
  • Continue Your Studies and Practice
    Learn your trade over a period of time, with a teacher or mentor you have trusted for many years. Do not stop learning. The more you stay fresh and up-to-date with your trade, you will feel confident and your clients will appreciate you.

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