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Mechanics of Psychics, By Melissa Leath

As you go out your door today, take a look around your environment. Use a few minutes to really look around you. For the first time, you will see your surroundings. Suddenly you will see the wonderful nature that was around you all along. You have been too busy to enjoy it. Or perhaps you had something else on your mind.

A wise person recently said that the best way to appreciate what you have is to pretend you are a person that is newly arrived on the planet, actually seeing things for the first time. Being psychic is...

There is a very simple visualization that is great for understanding how to connect with vibrations. It also is good to help manifest the connection. I call it “Psychic Tunnel” Visualization.

Sit quietly for a few minutes. Concentrate on your breathing. In your imagination, see a common garden hose. Imagine it is as long as you might need it to be. It is the most beautiful color of gold. It shines brightly. See the garden hose attaching to your heart. Then see it connecting to the person you would like to communicate with, in their heart area. This is your psychic tunnel.

Imagine white fog coming through the top of your head and flowing straight through your heart and tunnel. The white fog represents universal spiritual energy. Seeing it flow through the tunnel is a way of clearing the path.

Ask on a soul level if the person you want to connect with is open to your energy. Always honor the other’s energy. You now are able to communicate ideas to this person and receive information from them.

You can tune into what is going on with them and check to see if they are all right. This is a wonderful way for parents to stay connected with their children. It also can be used to check out events or situations that you would like to understand or investigate.

Simple and Natural

Keep this very simple. It is not a complicated thing. Don’t expect huge, obvious responses. They will come very subtly. It is just a soft, fleeting thought, almost a whisper in the minds. Everything that is natural is simple. If this exercise becomes complicated or intricate, it will be unnatural and as a result, unreal or concocted.

If you have a job interview, you can connect with the interviewer or person who will be making the decisions. Just let your energy be known through the connection, and the person will feel a strong impression of you at the time of the interview.

This exercise is not to be used to try and change someone’s mind or make him do something that is not comfortable to him.

The more you practice this technique, the stronger the impressions will be for you. Don’t be surprised if the person you are “connecting” with later tells you that they had been thinking of you.

Just by visioning a psychic connection of some kind is enough to accomplish it. Use your imagination with the psychic tunnel and think of an event or circumstance you wish to accomplish. The more you concentrate on it the easier it can come into your vibration

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