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What People Are Saying...

"Melissa Leath’s book, Psychic Integrity: The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics is a must read for anyone who is opening up to their psychic senses. Information about the often mystified world of psychic divination is relayed to the reader in an easy to understand fashion and brilliantly executed in the form of suggested exercises to help further develop one’s natural psychic/intuitive abilities. Melissa Leath successfully brings the reader to appreciate the true nature of psychic senses and shows the divinity of connecting with the spirit essence. The author’s compelling narratives invite the reader to share with her the experiences of her own psychic development. This book returns the meaning of being psychic back to its respected position of being related to the nature of our soul and removes it from the diminutive notions of “fortune telling.”

"I highly recommend this book as an insightful guide to enlightenment."

~Lisa Barretta, author of The Street Smart Psychic’s Guide to Getting a Good Reading and The Book of Transformation. Lisa Barretta

"There are times in our life when we can experience wisdom; recognize truth and see into the mysteries of life with crystal clarity. There are also some times when we need a hand reached out to us in understanding, with compassion and with guidance. Sometimes we live long enough to be able to see, feel, experience and witness all these things together

Rev. Melissa Leath has taken an often misunderstood subject and brought it into the NOW with sensible words, forthright honesty and wisdom. Thank you Rev. Leath for illuminating a subject that has long needed it and for doing it with integrity, humbleness, and professionalism."

Tammi "WyndRavin" Rager - Numerologist to the Stars. Tammi Rager

"Melissa, so glad I got to talk to you at the Victory of Light Fair! I have been telling everyone about you and your book "Psychic INTEGRITY " it has been most helpful to me on my spiritual path to connect and communicate, you break it all down and explain it so well for me to understand! Thank you so much. Your book is a must for others to read, the best I have ever read!"

Andrea L. Brock Hitchcock, Licensed Massage Therapist, Cincinnati, Ohio

"This book is a wonderful primer for anyone who is gifted with psychic abilities or anyone who is drawn to work with someone who has psychic abilities. Finally, a well-written book that presents clear, concise information and guidelines of excellence within the psychic industry! I recommend it highly!"

~~Deborah Lindsey, President, International Metaphysical University. International Metaphysical University

There's an old saying, "You can't hide an elephant under the living room rug." In the field of Psychics, Intuitives, Channelers and Mediums, the elephant has been dishonesty and misrepresentation. Someone had to pull back the carpet and bring light to the subject.

Melissa Leath proves she has deep "Psychic Integrity" and has produced a well documented book that educates the public. Buyer Beware is now... Buyer Be Aware. Read this book today if you are a seeker of truth on all dimensions!

Liz Sterling is a motivational speaker, teacher, trainer, advice columnist, radio talk show host and exuberant wordsmith. She is president of Sterling Communication Services, a consulting firm for companies and individuals seeking to increase their marketing potential and develop a refined brand.

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"Thank you Melissa for your hard work and commitment in making this important book available to the practitioners in our industry."

Metapreneurs Denise and George Tucker have owned and operated the Psychic Fair Emporium at Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise Florida for eighteen years. They are committed to providing professionalism, integrity and state of the art technology to an ancient practice.

For more information about the Tuckers go to Psychic Fair and Bureau of Creativity

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