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What's It Like to be a Medium? By Melissa Leath

Several years ago, someone called to let us know the son of a family friend was lost. There had been a huge rainstorm that came through the area the day before. It was late spring and storms of that kind would often cause flooding.

This young man, I’ll call him Terry, was a football hero in our community. He and his cousins were out in the neighborhood helping folks with their vehicles. The flooding was so bad there seemed to be a river flowing down the street. Several of the people who lived in the area had to leave their cars stranded in the middle of the street, because they died out from the height of the water.

The teens, being strong and Good Samaritans, decided to go out and push the cars out of the street. By late afternoon, they were finished. The majority of the kids decided to go home the normal way. Terry took off in another direction and said he’d see them later.

He never came home. No one knew for sure where he was, or if he was alive. Charles called mutual friends to check on the situation. There was no word and the authorities were searching for Terry.

The whole time I had an uneasy feeling. I knew I had to do something. I told Charles to go to the family and ask if I could help. If his mother wanted me to try and psychically find him, she could send me something that belonged to him. I preferred an item he wore a lot, maybe even that day.

Charles came back with Terry’s wet socks from the day before. And a knit cap he always wore.

Since I was at my alteration shop, I decided to go into another room Charles used for reflexology sessions. He had a huge reclining chaise-type chair. I grabbed a tablet and pen and closed the door.

I laid the items on a nearby table. As I relaxed and said a prayer, I asked Terry’s spirit (whether alive or passed over) to contact me. I took a deep breath and held onto the cap. His smell was on it. As I took another breath, I told Terry that his mother was very worried and needed to know where he was.

For many years, I’ve been able to contact people in spirit as well as receive information about people still living. So I knew I could be open, whatever the case.

Rush of Energy

As soon as I asked him to reveal himself, I felt his energy swoop down to me in a rush. It was like he was waiting for someone to open up and help him. The feeling was very overwhelming. If I had not been used to the energy of spirit, it could have been too much to bear. I was able to move aside, so to speak, and commune with his spirit.

The next ten minutes, Terry gave me very specific visuals and signs of things that happened to him: Things that would help find him. I saw him caught up in a vortex of water. It looked like a large body of water. He had a confused feeling. The whole time, there was confusion---no pain, just confusion.

Even though I had many pictures and words on the tablet, I really had no idea, consciously, where he was. I knew he had passed away during the ordeal. I saw his body in a contorted position. He was in some kind of cage. Most of his body was stuck in the cage. One leg was in and one leg was out. I couldn’t imagine where he could be.

I got up, and the intense energy just caused me to pace. Back and forth, I paced. Then I spontaneously burst into the other room, grabbed my coat and told Charles he had to take me.

“Okay, where are we going?” he asked running to the elevator.

“I don’t know, I just know I have to go,” was my only reply.

Even in the elevator I paced. When the doors opened, I rushed out the main lobby door and yelled back to him saying, “Take me to Penn Street Hill.”

As we got closer, I saw in my mind a dark teal green van. We turned down Penn Street. It is one of the older streets in our town. It connects High and Main streets. Obviously we had been on High Street headed down Penn. The farther we went, the more I knew it was the wrong way.

I only thought this street was one block long. But as we turned around and headed up the street, we saw police cars in a nearby lot. The street actually jogged and extended one block further to a dead end.

Rescue divers had just found his body. It had been washed down the old mill run in town, which eventually flows into a river. His body had been caught in a kind of metal grating, called a lion’s cage that was supposed to filter large objects. His body and one leg were caught in it.

His parents had just arrived on the scene. No one else was there to help them. That’s when I saw the teal green van. Many police, emergency workers and media were pulling in at the same time. His mother was hysterical. I believe the real reason we were there was to help the family and steer the media cameras away from their grief.

I don’t know if his mother realized Terry had directed us there or not. It wasn’t really important. I’m just glad I could help Terry, in spirit, resolve the ordeal.

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