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How To Prepare for a Good Reading/Consultation

Clear your space and prepare yourself.

Find a quiet, private place where you can talk. A sacred space is where you can honor and concentrate on your life.

I recommend that you take 5 minutes before the reading begins and relax. Quiet your thoughts, take a few clearing breaths. Put all the events of the day aside for the time being.

Focus on your questions.

The more you know what you want from a reading, the better the results. It's best to prepare a list of questions before hand, so you don't have to worry about it. Quite often, people have a tendency to go blank during the reading. If you feel vague, focus on us identifying key issues and pathways for you, and we can proceed from there.

Be As Attentive During the Session As Possible

This session is for you. So it is your responsiblity to make sure that there are no distractions before you enter into the session. Schedule a time that you are completely free, without incoming calls.

A Few Guidelines:

  • We hope to expand your outlook on life and facilitate change. A good reading will encourage you to expand. We are not here to just live life, but to pause and consider how we are living.

  • A good reading requires that we both are present in mind and spirit. Your mental focus on the situations in your life help my guiding spirits to bring you the answers you need.

  • Please do not try to use a reading as a substitute for psychotherapy or other kinds of professional assistance (medical, legal, intervention). I am a spiritual minister and personal growth counselor, as well as, a medium. However I will refer you to the appropriate agencies where you can get further help as needed.

  • Always have a general idea of or focus for the reading. Without a focus to the reading, we will still share useful information, but not always in the specific area you might have hoped for. Remember, you are not a passive participant in the reading. Make the comments or questions you have as specific as possible.

    Reading/Consultations in General

    I will need to have your name in your own voice, to focus on so I am able to move into your vibrations. You are then as close as if you were in the same room.

    I "channel" by hearing and speaking with my spirit guides (ancestors, angels, and other high vibration spirit entities), as well as sometimes yours. I do not let spirits enter my body and speak through me, though some psychics and mediums work this way. I prefer to remain awake and aware of my communion with spirit.

    Psychometry is a method of divination that involves handling an object, such as an item of jewelry, a photograph, or a set of keys, in order to pick up the vibrations from the person who normally carries or formerly was in possession of the object. Many items store vibrations and can be "read" in this way. I use this method with an in-person consultation, or while trying to contact lost or missing individuals.

    Readings are more accurate if you ask specific questions. I am well known for NOT asking questions. I will not 'fish' for information that way. On occassion, I may ask for clarity, or if you are understanding what I am sharing.

    It is usually best to ask questions that do not have "yes" or "no" answers, instead phrasing them as follows: "What will happen if I..." or "What can I do to accomplish...", for instance..

    Being nervous before a reading is normal. I have a very soft and friendly style which puts people at ease. I make it a point to keep my readings focused on the positive. I do not make it a practice to talk about death (yours or others) in readings. I will tell you about things you may consider "bad" or "negative" if I see them around you, or in your future. However, we will discuss what you can do to lessen or avoid these negative influences. I find that keeping our focus on what we can control and change is the most positive way to give spiritual counsel.

    Life has an open door policy. There are an infinite number of ways to approach life's challenges. You control your life. When I see future events, they are the most likely results of the current momentum in your life. Momentum is spiritual velocity, the course we set forth by our motivations, intentions and beliefs. Any momentum you have created, you can uncreate and, ultimately, change the final outcome.

    You must be 18 years of age or older for me to work with you. I ask everyone for their birthdate to verify age.

    All information shared in a reading is confidential.

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