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About Melissa Leath


Psychic Integrity, Ethics and Morals of Modern-Day Mystics

Literally years in the making, Melissa Leath spent this past year intensely with her nose to the grindstone to complete this major contribution to the psychic/medium industry.

Society is now ready for this revealing information about psychics who are authentic and those who are unreputable. It is important for the general public to know what is going on in the psychic world of spirits. Because of so much media hype, psychics and mediums have been disrespected for far too long. The days of Miss Cleo are gone and the truth is available.

The truth is in Psychic Integrity, not only for the public to be better informed, but for many psychics and mediums who may not have had any formal training to understand how the process works. When you know how it works, you are more empowered.

Melissa's book, Psychic Integrity, Ethics and Morals of Modern-Day Mystics ( is discussed at length in her website: There are plenty of excerpts, articles and the full Introduction is there too.

Finally, fears and doubts about the psychic and medium realm of communication are looked at, understood and resolved in the most amazing and respectful way. The once respected and highly revered profession of spirit communion is now addressed.

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"There are spirits that are very conscious and very deliberate in their work. They might take the form of an animal such as a tortoise, a horse, or a bird...Seeing the totem evokes the quality of that totem so that I can do inner work."
~ John J. Oliver



Everyday Psychic Phenomena
© Lance Sissing

People from all walks of life experience a variety of spontaneous psychic, paranormal and energetic events during their everyday life – without doing anything out of the ordinary to provoke them.

Many of us have experienced déjà vu, synchronicity as events unfolded around us or have had a premonition or foresight of events that later came to pass. Perhaps you have had a lucid dream or out-of-body experience or been the focus of a visit by a recently deceased friend or family member.

Individual experience of even the simplest event of this kind can be impactful and is often characterised by a sense of something profound having taken place - a glimpse into a richer and more complex version of reality hinting at what lies just beyond our ordinary perceptions!


* * *


Douglas Blue Feather, Cherokee heritage, is an internationally known songwriter and performer of bot h traditional and contemporary music featuring the Native American flute.

He is a multi Native American Music Award Winner along with numerous other awards and nominations. He has released twelve CDs which have been heard on radio stations worldwide.

I use Douglas' music in many of my classes for development meditation, and as interludes during workshop breaks. I know you will love what he offers. Take a look at his website:


123 Spiritual Growth
Meditation Warehouse
Outrageous Living
Reflexology with Charles


Here is a quick overview of her events:
Check the
Events Page for more detail.

July, 2010:

  • Private Work and Writing

    August, 2010:

  • Teaching Spiritual Classes, Liberty, IN
  • BodyMindSpirit Expo, Raleigh, NC

    Copyright, 2010. Melissa Leath. All Right Reserved.


    Thank you all for being so patient with me. As most of you already know, my daughter, Beaunet (36) passed away in February. This came very suddenly and was quite a shock for me and my husband, Charles.

    Although things will never be what we consider as "normal", life does go on and we are here to experience it as best we can. Knowing what I do about Spirit and life after death, I am confident that she is well and thriving, but it does not address the physical pain involved with her passing. But I am on track with the monthly newsletter now and much of my other work. I appreciate your love and best wishes as we move through our grief. If you have not read the blog post about Beaunet, you can access it by clicking The GoBetween Blog You can leave a commment there if you like. Sometime soon, I'll be publishing a webpage making tribute to her, with other photos and some of her written poems and lyrics.

    In the past few months, I have been very blessed to be guest on Tammi Rager's Living in the Now Age Radio Program (internet radio). Some of the topics I discussed with Tammi were Finding the Right Psychic, Basic Meditation, and Soul Mate Relationships. You can listen to the replays there on the weblink. I'll be guesting there again real soon. Don't worry, I'll send out a blast to let you know about it.

    June was a great month. Charles and I were exhibiters at an event in Altanta Georgia called Through the Veil Paranormal and Metaphysical Conference. So many popular authors and television personalities, especially from ScyFy channel were there. I got to meet and talk to Chip Coffey of PsychicKids, Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter and author of Ghost Hunting in Kentucky and Beyond, John J. Oliver of TruTV's Haunting Evidence.

    I talked at length with John J Oliver and bought one of his workshop CD sets. He is truly awesome. I usually do not go to many of the lectures/presentations at these events. But my spirit guides impressed me to attend his talk. Glad I did. He is the genuine article: gift from birth and self taught. He has very strick moral attitudes when it comes to his work too. (You know that means alot to me!)

    Charles and I were also guest practitioners again at Atlanta's Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore while we were there.

    We work at the bookstore, giving readings and reflexology, whenever we are in the area.

    You can see me and Charles with client Karen-Eileen in the photo here (thanks to Karen-Eileen for the photo). Some of the most awesome crystals and energy are at this huge bookstore. You must stop in to buy books and see all the interesting items they have there, if you are close to Atlanta.

    As promised, I do have the greatest news: My book, Psychic Integrity, Ethics and Morals of Modern-Day Mystics has been chosen to be course material for The Learning Center at Metaphysical Universal Ministries in Allentown, PA. I have long wanted my book to be used as a study guide, and this is the beginning. I am so pleased to associated with the Ministries in Allentown!

    NOW FOR MORE NEWS...coming soon: I am in the process of creating an on-line study site, for spiritual service and psychic-metaphysical certifications. (the certifications will be after on site intensives, self study and other requirements are completed). Many of the classes on line will be free, others at a nominal fee. There will also be courses that are more detailed studies. More on this later in the fall!



    "A Consistant Method for Becoming Psychic" By Rev. Melissa Leath

    Do you get random psychic information during the day? Usually while driving to work or when you least expect it?

    Wouldn't you rather get the information "on-demand," actually when you want it and need it, instead of at odd times during the day?

    Then you are ready to take control of your own development. Your spirit guides are constantly feeding you information. Their job is to always be there for you and assist you in your life. So incoming information is always there. The problem is, you might not always be available to access that information: you might not know what to do, or how it feels, to "tune-in" to what is being given to you.

    No problem. I've got the answer for you.

    Just what could that be? you ask. It's something I teach in all of my development classes. I call it Development Meditation. No, you don't have to sit crossed-legged and say, "Ohmmmm..." It isn't a deep, deep meditation. It is a space that you are physically calm, mentally quiet, but still aware.

    Find a place you can use everyday. Set aside 10-20 minutes. Sit in a comfortable place...make sure your back is straight to support your head and body. Find something to focus on. Usually your breath is a great focus. It is something you do naturally. But when you are focused on it, then your ego-mind has a chance to slow down and open to creativity and imagination.

    Take your time and pay attention to your breathing. Count on your inhale, 1-2-3. Hold for a second. Then count on the exhale, 1-2-3. Hold for a second. Continue with this type of breathing.

    After you practice this method for several days, or even a week, you will begin to notice your body kind of gets sluggish, or feels numb. You may not remember how you have placed your legs before the meditation. You may not even feel your legs or feet.

    Good. Just pay attention to it. Then you will realize that your hand or fingers have moved without you doing it. This is a sign that you are fully engaged with your Higher Self (Spirit Guides) and open for communion. You will be able to pose questions at this time, for example: What will be the result of my job interview? or, Should I look for another job?

    There is no limit as to the kind of question you can ask. It could be personal, about a situation, or a universal idea: tell me about the concept of love.

    At first, you may not really recognize anything. Or you may feel a sensation like being cold or hot, or a nervous feeling. You may see colors in your mind's eye. Or hear thoughts in your head.

    Any subtle sensation or vision (even if you think it is your imagination) is important to acknowledge. They may seem insignificant at the time. But it is dealing with another level of awareness: a much more subtle level. After all, it is not the physical dimension, it is a finer, lighter dimension.

    After 10-20 minutes of this meditative state, change your focus back to the physical. Be purposefully aware of your earthly surroundings. Be grounded back in your body. Always be back in the present, physical awareness.

    Keep a journal next to you during this meditation. Always jot down what your thoughts were. How did you feel? Did you see anything in your mind's eye? Were there any sounds?

    These are things that will help you recognize even the smallest bit of information. And by recognizing these things, it will help you grow in the next sitting.

    This activity will help you open and access information as you wish to have it, on demand. Instead of only getting things by default, when you are least expecting it.

    You must be dedicated to this Development Meditation practice. It is the practice that allows you to become familiar with the subtle energies of your Higher Self. And it gives your mind the experience of and getting into the habit of being available to receive what your guides are always sending you. The association and bond you form from this meditaiton is priceless, but can only be reached with dedication.

    Break Down~

  • Sit quietly
  • Breathe
  • Be aware
  • Keep a journal
  • Keep it a daily practice

    NEXT MONTH: "How Do You Know It's Spirit Talking to You and Not Your Own Mind/Imagination?" PLUS: I'll be including an EXERCISE to do while you are in your meditative practice.

    Blessings until next time.

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