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About Melissa Leath


"As we become purer channels for God's light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in this world. A miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is, but toward creating the world that could be."
~~~ Marianne Williamson


Articles that can assist you in your journey...
A great resource of articles dealing with empaths, ascension, and energy.

Integrating spiritual transformation with the human experience; how to embrace multidimensional frequencies; lessen physical and emotional symptoms of rapid spiritual ascension; and tips to make the ascension process easier and quicker.

Yvonne Perry is the author of several books including Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, which is a resource for sensitive people who have been unknowingly carrying energetic burdens that belong to someone else.

Click here for access for the articles


Your Breakthrough Life: How to Overcome Barriers and Step into Your Greatness

It all kicks off with a free tele-seminar event that will be "quintessential Lisa", Tuesday, July 10at 1:00 pm Pacific / 4:00 pm Eastern.

(you remember Lisaa from The Secret Documentary)

Lisa's personal triumph over adversity, her mastery of the inner game of success, her infectious smile, her effervescent teaching style and her wide-open heart have made her a crowd favorite around the world.

On this call, entitled No Matter What! Lisa is going to crack the code on becoming truly unstoppable in manifesting your greatest expression of your unique genius.

During this one-hour call, Lisa will give you:

  • One powerful step you can take NOW toward your dream life
  • The key to getting beyond old "sticking points" that have prevented you from living you dream life on your own terms
  • A simple practice to immediately shift the limiting beliefs that have kept you playing small
  • Insights into the ways gifts wrapped in sandpaper are the best gifts
  • Which "bounce-back muscles" you need to work to get through tough times and back on path of your own version of greatness
  • The BIG reason most people can't or don't create breakthroughs in their lives

    I believe what makes Lisa Nichols such a compelling leader is that she is a lightning rod for our time, which is a definitely a time of no matter what. And wherever you may be on your path, she'll inspire you to take bold steps forward--and when you have setbacks to use your "bounce-back" muscles so you can hold onto your dreams, regardless of what your head or the world is telling you.

    She's gone through some of the hardest things life can throw at you - and still learned to shine to the point of being on national media regularly and an inspiration to millions.

    Sign up her free teleseminar here:
    No Matter What: Stepping Into the Next Greatest You


    Here is a quick overview of her events:
    Check the Events Page for more detail.

    July, 2012:

  • Private Work and Writing
  • Summer break for Local Development Classes in Springfield and Dayton Ohio
  • Private Mentoring
  • Internet Radio Guest on The Now Age (Recognizing Karma)

    August, 2012:

  • Writing and Producing Possibilities Podcasts, etc.
  • Private Sessions in Sharonville Ohio
  • Private Mentoring

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    I have been blessed by becoming a partner with the Hay House Book Nook Program. I am able to write reviews for Hay House authors and their books and post them on my blog. As a result, the review also is posted on the Book Nook blog too! The first book I have reviewed is Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani. What a delight that was. You can see the article on my blog by going here: Dying to Be Me, Book Review for Hay House If you are interested in the other book reviews, you can access them at Hay House Book Nook

    I just got the next book to review. It is called Through the Eyes of Another; A Medium's Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth by Encountering Your Life Review Now, by Karen Noe. Karen originally published her book with Balboa Press just like I did with Psychic Integrity. This past year, she was asked to become a Hay House author and it was re-published there. How cool that is! And I get to review the book! Look for the review sometime later in July.

    My novel is coming along, albeit slowly. But I see it in my mind's eye as a movie. So I am just writing from start to finish. Then I'll go back and fill in details and character personalities. It seems like the twists and turns start to take to places I never knew were in the story! But they really expand so nicely. Hope it is done by the end of the year. Don't worry, I'll keep you informed of the progress.

    Charles and I have been staying close to home lately. With the 4th of July and the really hot weather here in Ohio, we are just laying low. Our house stays really cool and we only need air conditioning upstairs. So I've been rooting around the house, going through papers, organizing things and generally de-cluttering. It feels good to do that. I learned along time ago, that the eyes need a place to rest. So by clearing piles of stuff off tables and corners, it really helps reduce stress.

    The local development classes are on vacation for the summer. I have found that many families spend time together and take short trips, so we decided to let the classes rest for a few months. But before I let them go, I handed them all some exercises to practice while they were gone. I can share them with you, too! Just click here for the pdf of Psychic Exercises.

    I hope you stay cool this summer, and enjoy your time with family!



    "The Astral Level: Pros & Cons
    By Rev. Melissa Leath

    There is a realm or dimensional area just beyond the third dimension. Of course, you live physically in the third dimension. After you leave the body through physical death, your spirit merges fully into the next dimension. It is called the astral realm. Some believe the spirit actually lives in the astral realm while inhabiting the physical body or in the third dimension.

    The astral realm is where all spirits go after the death of the physical body. If spiritually aware to any extent while still in the living, the spirit comes to a greater awareness after death, and moves into the higher end of the astral realm or beyond. However, most deceased loved ones are in the astral.

    By all accounts, the astral is not a highly evolved area. The astral realm is simply a place that enables the spirit to stay close to the physical world to which it has grown so accustomed. Perhaps that spiritís husband, wife or children are still living. The attachment is so strong the spirit doesnít seem able to pull away from it.

    Many people have spent a lifetime amassing wealth, and will never leave it, not even after death. Alcoholics who frequented bars every night during life may still frequent the bars while in the spirit. Spirits are drawn to people in the physical dimension who are living the same type of life they once did. The same holds true for hardened criminals. Their spirits tend to gravitate to people who are continuing in the same life experience the spirit remembers.

    This insight gives us a chance to look at spirit communication a little differently. It helps us to realize that not all spirit entities are advisable to commune with. Being in contact with a spirit requires discernment of the level of their understanding. The information that comes through are clues to their awareness of spiritual matters and intentions.

    A loving, strongly-evolved spirit or guide would never speak badly of anyone. It would never ask you to say something to embarrass anyone. It would never ask you to do something against your nature. If these are the type of messages you are receiving, you need to reevaluate the kind of spirit that is communicating with you. They are not of good intention.

    If you are not comfortable with the information given to you, do not accept it. Tell the spirit to move away from you and leave you alone. Then reassess your guiding circle. Ask for the most spiritually evolved guides and angels to assist you. You may have to relearn a new way to communicate or work with spirit.

    ~~ Take care until next time.

    (parts of this article were taken from Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics.}


    Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics

    Melissa reveals information about psychics who are authentic and those who are unreputable. It is important for the general public to know what is going on in the psychic world of spirits. Because of so much media hype, psychics and mediums have been disrespected for far too long. The days of Miss Cleo are gone and the truth is available.

    Melissa's book, Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics ( and Barnes & is discussed at length in her website: There are plenty of excerpts, articles and the full Introduction is there too.

    Finally, fears and doubts about the psychic and medium realm of communication are looked at, understood and resolved in the most amazing and respectful way. The once respected and highly revered profession of spirit communion is now addressed.

    This is the book that has started the conversation! So what do you have to say about it? Psychic Integrity is easy to purchase. Just click right here:

    Book or Kindle on Amazon
    Book or Nook at Barnes & Noble


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