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How Does the Reading Proceed?

Be sure to call at the appointed time. The schedule is made to accommodate you and others. So know that your session is only during the time allotted.

The reading will start off with a Protective-Invocational Prayer. During this time, Melissa will be coming into your energies and closing the door to everything else around her. She will then be "in the spirit".

She will ask your first name. By saying your name, you are opening your aura, to allow communion with your spirit energy.

Rev. Melissa will then give you information, as given to her from Spirit Guides (yours and hers). This information usually addresses some part of your life that greatly affects you.

You will then have the opportunity to address that subject deeper, by asking specific questions. Or, you may wish to change the subject. As you ask questions, be very specific. You will receive a much better reply from spirit.

If she has not introduced any loved ones from spirit by this time, it is fine to ask. Every attempt will be made to do so, but there can be no guarantees. Sometimes a spirit will be contacted that you had not requested. But that spirit will have important information. And your loved one graciously allowed that information to come through.

The reading will then progress according to the questions you present. Towards the end of your reading, Melissa will consult the Earth Cards. These cards were created by spirit through Melissa, with symbols of animals, plants and minerals. It will address a special question and give past, present and future information. The reading will finish right on time.

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