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Melissa Leath, Life! Visionary and Medium is author of Psychic Integrity. Melissa Leath has spent a lifetime following a spiritual way. She was Certified as a Spiritual Medium in She was later ordained there in 1997 and is licensed in the state as a minister. When she is not traveling, she still works at The Circle.

Melissa has been a continual student in spirituality and metaphysics. She has received a degree in Metaphysical Sciences. Leath has lectured, given workshops and private reading/consultations internationally for the past 30 years. She has become a very much sought after presenter because of her ability to share information with an audience or group.

Rev. Melissa Leath is a recognized expert in Beginning Meditation and Spiritual Growth. She is a Visionary, Metaphysician and Spiritual Educator in the fields of Personal Enpowerment and Self Growth. She teaches many related subjects at Clark State Community College Continuting Education, as well as, at many Conferences and Lecture Halls across the country. Sought after medium-consultant, she has touched the lives of thousands of people.

The site will be complete soon, but until then, please visit Melissa's Psychic Integrity site:

Psychic Integrity

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